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T B Kilpatrick, Our Common Faith (1928)

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From the Foreword to Our Common Faith 


This exposition of the doctrines of the Basis of Union will be welcomed warmly by a wide circle of readers. The question is often asked: is it possible for evangelical Christians to unite in a statement of belief which will contain in full the doctrines of grace. This book is the answer. Its author is admirably qualified to present to the entire Christian church this re-statement of the foundations of her faith. Dr. T. B. Kilpatrick is one of Scotland's best gifts to Canada. He came to Manitoba College, ¬∑Winnipeg, in 1899, as Professor of Systematic Theology, and in 1905 was transferred to the same chair in Knox College, Toronto. Already a ripe scholar and a powerful preacher, his experience has deepened with the years. His passion is the saving grace of God in Christ. He has aimed to cultivate in the Christian ministry sound learning, fired with a love for the souls of men. As a professor he has trained and inspired hundreds of our ministers who are to-day shaping the church in this new land and directing her policy. As a preacher he has moved our congregations into the deeper experiences and higher attainments of the Christian life. It has then been his privilege to open the sources of the church's spiritual vitality and energy in the formative period of her history in this young nation. 





Part One:


A Brief History of the Church Union Movement in Canada


Part Two: 


Chapter I: "The Spirit of Unity"


Chapter II: Article I - Of God

Chapter III: Article II - Of Revelation

Chapter IV: Article III - Of the Divine Purpose

Chapter V: Article IV - Creation and Providence

Chapter VI: Article V - Of the Sin of Man

Chapter VII: Article VI - Of the Grace of God

Chapter VIII: Article VII - Of the Lord Jesus Christ

Chapter IX: Article VIII - Of the Holy Spirit

Chapter X: Article IX - Of Regeneration

Chapter XI: Article X - Of Faith and Repentance

Chapter XII: Article XI - Of Justification and Sonship

Chapter XIII: Article XII -  Sanctification

Chapter XIV: Article XIII - Of Prayer

Chapter XV: Article XIV - Of the Law of God

Chapter XVI: Article XV - Of the Church

Chapter XVII: Article XVI - Of the Sacraments

Chapter XVIII: Article XVII - Of the Ministry

Chapter XIX: Article XVIII - Of Church Order and Fellowship

Chapter XX: Article XIX - Of the Resurrection, Last Judgment and the Future Life

Chapter XXI: Article XX - Of Christian Service and the Final Triumph


Chapter XXII: A Questionnaire 


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