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John Dow, This is Our Faith (1943)

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From preface to "This is Our Faith." 


This book offers a survey of the main doctrines of the Church.  It was prepared to give fuller exposition to a short Statement of Faith presented to the Ninth General Council of The United Church of Canada in 1940.  The line followed is Biblical throughout.  I have endeavoured to reflect the views of the Commission which drew up the Statement; but, as I was left with complete freedom of interpretation, I must accept responsibility for what is here written.  This is a task from which I shrank at first and finally accepted in the hope that in this way I might make some slight return for the generosity and friendliness of the ministers, laymen, and  young people of the Church in which I serve. 


John Dow 

Preface and Foreword


I.     God

II.    Jesus Christ

III.    Holy Spirit

IV.   The Holy Trinity

V.    Man and Man's Sin

VI.   Redemption

VII.  TheChurch

VIII. The Ministry

IX.   The Holy Scriptures

X.    The Sacraments

XI.    Christian Life and Duty

XII.   The Consummation



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